A little bit about my majors

I am currently double majoring in both Management and Entrepreneurship. Both of these majors are in the School of Business, and actually have a lot in common with each other.

Entrepreneurship deals with the idea of starting, and subsequently running, your own business. I love it because it forces me to get out of my comfort zone and think in ways that I never would otherwise. There is a lot of creative thinking in Entrepreneurship courses, such as brainstorming business ideas. Our professors push us to think of new business ideas, instead of recycling the same ideas that people always think of, like a restaurant or clothing store. We also learn the steps to take when starting a business, like the legal aspects and other things I would never know how to do. One big question that we talk about in our classes is what makes a great entrepreneur? There is a big difference between starting a company and successfully starting a company, and we always try to figure out what characteristics great entrepreneurs have in order to emulate them. The most obvious answers are someone who is creative, dedicated, knowledgeable, and financially savvy. These characteristics are definitely ones that our professors try to instill in us.

Management is the practice of dealing with people and being able to effectively utilize them and maximize their abilities, especially when in a leadership role. In Management courses, there is a big focus on knowing how to effectively understand the people you are in charge of, and knowing the most effective ways to motivate them to do the work assigned to them. I have actually gained a lot of skills from these classes because I am now able to more effectively understand and deal with the people that I interact with on a daily basis. A big question in Management classes is what is the most effective way to lead people? The answer to this question is that obvious though. Different people respond to different leadership styles, so there is no one overarching method of leadership.

I was drawn to these two majors because I hope to one day start my own business and grow it to be a large company. The Entrepreneurship side teaches me how to start the business, while the Management side teaches me how to work with the people I would be employing as I grow my new company.


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