Doing some research

For this blog post, I went the Research Guide/Subject List section of the Oklahoma State library website. I chose the Management and Entrepreneurship pages, because those are my majors and would be the most helpful to me for the research we will be doing for this class over the semester. The web address for the Management page is and the Entrepreneurship page is Both are managed by Victor Baeza, the Director of Library Graduate Services, who is in charge of the Business, Library Information, and Social Sciences pages for the library. The Management page is pretty basic, with the list of sources, Mr. Baeza’s information, and a help box to ask a librarian for assistance in using the resources on the page. The sources listed on this page are broken up into two categories: Journal and Newspaper Articles, and Company and Industry Information. Some of the most popular sources listed on this page are ABI/Inform, Business Source Premier, Factiva, and LexisNexis Academic. The Entrepreneurship page is a little more complex, with sections such as a guide to finding business related articles, information about specific companies, and a list of industry reports, trends, and projections. The popular databases for articles are all actually the same as the ones listed for the Management section. The most popular ones for companies are Mergent Online, Standard and Poor’s Netadvantage, and Hoover’s. For industries as a whole, some sources listed are IBISWorld, BizMiner, NetAdvantage, and Business Source Premier again. All of these sources will be incredibly useful for the research we will conduct throughout the rest of the semester.


2 thoughts on “Doing some research

  1. My major is Finance, so our pages are managed by the same person. The pages for Finance were very similar to the two pages you looked at. It was fairly simple, but also very helpful. The links and resources that you found might also help me when I am looking for information, and the links I found might help you too! I am looking forward to reading your future posts.

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  2. I am an International Business major, so we will be using essentially the same sites as well. Business Insider is a really cool resource to use when you’re looking for different articles related to the world of business. Good luck this year!


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