BP 5

For this blog post, I am focusing on choosing a topic for the research project we will be doing throughout this semester. My majors are Business Management and Entrepreneurship, so the general area of my project will definitely be something related to the business field. My main area of interest when it comes to the fields related to my majors is starting a business, and the steps needed to start and successfully run your own business. One area that I am especially interested in is minority entrepreneurship. A specific question that I could do relating to this general subject would be something like, “Why aren’t more minorities becoming entrepreneurs, and what is holding them back from doing so?” This is a subject that I am very interested in, because I am Native American, and one day want to start my own business, so researching something like this is relevant for me and my future career plans. It has been statistically proven that ethnic minorities start and own businesses at significantly lower rates than non-minorities. In Entrepreneurship classes I have taken in the past, professors of mine have used these statistics to help accentuate points that they are making about different areas of Entrepreneurship. Seeing these stats used made me wonder why it is true that minorities become entrepreneurs at far lower rates. There are many crucial steps along the path of successfully starting a business, so I would definitely be very interested in doing more in depth research on what exactly is the cause of the lack of minority entrepreneurs.


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