BP 6

For this assignment, I chose to write about an article I found using the Business Source Premier database through the Oklahoma State Library website. The article that I found is titled “Why Entrepreneurs Often Experience Low, Not High, Levels of Stress: The Joint Effects of Selection and Psychological Capital” and is written by Robert A. Baron, Rebecca J. Franklin, and Keith M. Hmieleski. It can be found in the March 2016 edition of Journal of Management. In this article, the authors argue that entrepreneurs starting a business actually experience low amounts of stress, as opposed to common opinion that states that they should always be stressed out because of the unpredictable and generally uncontrollable nature of their jobs. According to the authors, “persons who are attracted by, selected into, and persist in entrepreneurship may be relatively high in the capacity to tolerate or effectively manage stress. In contrast, persons who are relatively low in this capacity tend to exit from entrepreneurship either voluntarily or involuntarily” (Baron, Franklin & Hmieleski 742). Basically what the authors are asserting is that people who enter entrepreneurship are naturally more capable of adapting to stress because they know the rigors of the profession. This is pointed out later on in when the authors state that “environmental and self-selective factors combine to produce a population of founding entrepreneurs who are above average in their capacity to deal effectively with or tolerate stress. Persons who are relatively low on this dimension, in contrast, exit from the field” (Baron et al. 745).


Works Cited


Baron, Robert A., Rebecca J. Franklin, and Keith M. Hmieleski. “Why Entrepreneurs Often Experience Low, Not High, Levels Of Stress.” Journal Of Management 42.3 (2016): 742-768. Business Source Premier. Web. 16 Feb. 2016.



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