BP 8

For my research question, “why are there so few minority entrepreneurs, and what is holding back more of them from starting their own businesses?”, numerous types of infographics can be useful to help me illustrate and expand on the points I am trying to make and the research I am attempting to present. After reading the list infographic types at 8 types of infographics: which is right for you?, I found 3 main types of infographics that I believe would be the most useful for me because they allow me to present the types of information I have for my project. The first type in the article that would be most helpful for my research topic is a Versus Infographic. I believe this would be good for my question, because it would allow me to directly compare minority entrepreneurs and non-minorities in various areas, like personality characteristics and statistics about them. The next type of infographic that I found to be very interesting and appealing for my research topic is Number Porn. Obviously, my research question necessitates the use of statistics to illustrate the lack of minority entrepreneurs, so the use of this type of infographic would be great for me to use to be able to utilize a large amount of numbers to prove my point. The final type of infographic that I would be interested in using for my research project is a Data Vis infographic. I liked the Data Vis infographic because it also allows me to present a large amount of data, but it is also very visually appealing, which would provide some entertainment in my presentation.


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