BP 9

For this assignment, I set out to find statistics and information related to my research topic that can be used in an infographic that will be in my final presentation. Many of the sources I had found so far were mainly articles profiling things like characteristics about minority entrepreneurs, so I had to find new sources that would provide statistics to use. I then went to the website of the Minority Business Development Agency because I knew that they have done numerous studies about minority entrepreneurs. I found a fact sheet they published in January at U.S. Business Fact Sheets, and the first statistic that I found was a graph that compared the growth of minority firms and non-minority firms. This graph showed that although there are still vastly more non-minority firms, the number of minority owned businesses has grown at a much higher rate, with the total number increasing by 38% from 2007-2012, compared to the number of non-minority businesses actually going down by 6% over the same period. They are also employing many more people, with the total number of employees increasing by 23% over this 5 year span. The next statistics that I found showed a comparison of firms owned by members of different ethnic groups. This table showed that businesses owned by non-minorities are significantly more successful than minority businesses. The average gross receipts for minority businesses is $173,552, while the number for non-minority businesses is over 3 times that amount at $552,079. These numbers show me that while the number of minority businesses is growing, there is still quite a ways to go in getting them to be as successful.


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