BP 10

My infographic, which can be seen below, relates to my research question, which is “Why are there so few minority entrepreneurs, and what is holding more of them back from starting their own businesses?” This infographic brings in some statistics that I compiled from a few different sources that are some of the most reputable and well respected leaders for research in this area, like the Minority Business Development Agency, the National Poverty Center, and the Kauffman Foundation. My main strategy in creating this infographic was to keep it relatively simple for two reasons. The first reason is that I am not really artistically gifted and had never used Piktochart before, so I didn’t want to try to create some kind of amazing visual which I would probably end up just making worse. The second reason I tried to keep my infographic simple is because I didn’t want to take away from the information that I was providing, because that is the most important part of the infographic and shouldn’t be overshadowed by the visual aspect of it. I chose this research topic because it is something that I am passionate about, so I wanted to make sure that the real substance of the research was the main focus, and not just trying to make it look good. While I was attempting to keep my infographic pretty straightforward visually, I did try to incorporate some visually appealing and interesting aspects into it. I added some touches to it, like backgrounds for each section, and some banners and things to highlight some of the more important areas of the infographic. I also consciously made the decision to have each section of my infographic be a different color. I did this because my topic was all about minorities, who are groups of people of all different races and colors, so in the spirit of that topic, I actively tried to embrace as many colors as possible just to have a little subtle symbolism in the background of my infographic. The main point I tried to make in this infographic is that there is a problem in America because racial minorities are majorly underrepresented in the world of entrepreneurship and business ownership, however, although this is still a large problem, it is getting somewhat better and there are ways to fix it. I wanted to show, as I will with the rest of my research project as well, that even though this problem still remains, there is a bright side that we should focus on and continue to accentuate moving forward in addressing this issue. I set my infographic up to illustrate this strategy. I started by showing the problem, that minorities own businesses at a much lower rate than non-minorities, and then listed some of the reasons that this problem exists. I also included a chart that illustrates one of these reasons, that a lack of funding has somewhat crippled minority businesses because they don’t have the resources to get their business off the ground. I then showed a statistic that illustrates that the number of minority business owners is beginning to grow and catch up to the national population. I finished by giving a few suggestions that I believe would be useful in helping to remedy this problem as America moves into the future.

minority-entrepreneurship (7).png


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