BP 13

My research paper, which will be about minority entrepreneurship and why there is such a lack of it in America today, matters because it helps to represent our society as a whole. For this reason, the subject of minority entrepreneurship should appeal to vast and numerous different groups in society. For obvious reasons, racial minorities should care about this, because business success has long been one of the key components in the overall well being of any group of people. If more minorities become business owners, and all of those business owners start to become more successful, it will lift up their whole community through the numerous jobs that are created. Once people have jobs, they then have more money to spend in their community, which creates a positive upward cycle that would hopefully improve the quality of life for everyone in society. Another group that should care about the success of minority entrepreneurs is consumers as a whole. If more racial minorities own and successfully operate businesses, this will help to create more diversity in the marketplace, which in turn will provide consumers with more options in the things they choose to spend their money on. Racial minorities come from vastly different places and are part of different cultures, and so if there are more minorities owning and operating businesses, it increases the options for everyone. Another little talked about, but still important, aspect is that whenever there are more businesses operating in the world, it makes the fight to be successful more competitive, which forces every business to become better at what they do which works out well for society as a whole.


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